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Shakti's Story
Story of The Divine Couple
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Story of The Divine Couple

                                       From my book 'Tantric Bliss: When Consciousness Entered Energy' 


 Long, long time ago, when the Earth was sacred, and all it's creatures considered our brothers and sisters, when all the streams were crystal clear and the pure air was sparkling with life force, when men and women lived in love, harmony and flowing abundance, that was the time of the Divine Couple: They were two, but they knew they were one. They had two bodies but one beating heart of God. They did not know separation, thus She, the goddess, was recognized and treasured in every woman, the Earth, the Moon and all creation. He, the god, was honored  in every man, the Sun and all the mysterious unseen and unmanifested.


 She was continuously revered and worshiped for her life-giving power, her creative energy, nurturing qualities and breathtaking inner beauty that permeated Her form, She was deeply treasured as the embodiment of love. He was honored for his crystal clarity vision, his tremendous inner strength, highly respected as the protector and space holder for love to dance in. Her womb was treasured as the source of life, the fountain of great power and wisdom, the mystical center from which all creation was being born. His hold was reliable and His word was trusted for He was the embodiment of Truth.  It was in His conscious eyes She grew more beautiful, it was in Her loving arms He grew stronger and brighter. Together, they loved and worshiped one another for they knew they were the embodiment of divine principles that supported one another and could not be separated. They were love and light dancing together, their harmonious dance essential for survival and wellbeing of all.




It was their perfect harmony that nourished all. It was their perfect polarity (though perfectly balanced within) that would create sexual attraction, an inspiring force for more love, magic and passion for life to flow.


They danced as one when together, and they danced as one even when physically separated, sensing the presence of the other within. She would feel his still light penetrating her body, holding her safe, radiant and strong, He would feel the nourishment of Her love, her ecstatic presence in His heart. Being complete within they were free to give fully and selflessly to one another, and to the community, who they knew was part of their larger body - there were simply no others.


Out of the passionate, ecstatic, blissful union of the divine couple life on Earth flourished.

Gaia, the Earth Herself, was tingling with ecstasy, and radiance. She felt being held, being well taken care of, and the fruit of her love emanated from her womb as an abundance of beauty, sparkling waters and food for everyone....


What happened?

Where did it go?

What happened to our Earth?

Why is She crying?

Where did the Divine Couple disappear?

Was it an evolution of the human mind that forgot about the body?

Was it the growth of the intellect that forgot about the heart?

Or was it simply a part of the cycle, the great cosmic game, where nothing remains the same?


The veil fell in, the goddess got forgotten, the man got lost.

Separate from love, he did not know  his way.

Separated from love, separate from all creation,

even from his other forms of human embodiment.

He knew he was looking for something, he thought it was power that he would find on the outside. He wanted to prove himself, to be more powerful than ''others''. In his search for power he destroyed.

She cried. She called, but without  His powerful light shining inside her, her voice was not heard. Without His reverent holding, she lost her radiance. Her sinuous dance became erratic. Separate from him, she became just an energy, energy that he, in his ignorance feared.

In order to survive in the world he dominated, she took on some of his ways, supressing her tender essence. His light weakened, his authentic power diminished. In his search for his lost inner power (that of course, cannot be found on the outside), he nearly destroyed the planet.

If only he looked down into his heart that was crying empty, if only he felt his body, that was yearning to be held in love's arms.


In the meantime, She was imprisoned in an armor of anger, sulking for what he has done to her, for what he has done to her Earth. Missing his conscious sight, she did not feel beautiful. In her strive to be seen once more, she put much effort in trying to enhance her external beauty, reshaping her body this way and that (also forgetting her true beauty comes from within). If only she could fully feel her pain (the pain of the world), in her tears dissolve the protection of her heart.


Both lost and confused, they try to distract themselves from their pain with entertainment, striving to fill that empty space with power, sex, money or objects they can buy, but sooner or later the pangs return…


Lost and confused they wander aimlessly, searching for elusive happiness, unconsciously searching for love and light, their true essence, for each other, unaware of that they are looking for lies deep inside them, hidden underneath layers of lies.


The wheel of evolution has spun a full cycle. We are ready to begin a new loop of a spiral. The time has come to awaken from this unconscious game, for She, mother Gaia, has had enough. She may have got hurt, but She has never lost her power: She can shiver, She can shake, She can spit out hot lava or move the oceans, sweep all Her creation back deep inside her womb and start all over again...But is that the New Beginning we have in mind? Or can we just resurrect the Divine Couple once more? Can she become She, the embodiment of love, with an open heart and creative womb, can he become He, the mighty, strong, steady presence overseeing the ever changing world, holding space for love and transformation to dance in? Can their passion for another give rise to compassion for all? Can they unite in harmony so new life emerges out of her desperately waiting, pregnant womb?

god's dna

 I say YES we can. We are all divine beings with God’s blueprint in our DNA and endless potential. We can re-create this world to our image, make it a cutting edge of evolution where LOVE (not pain) is the evolutionary force, where PASSION and JOY are driving forces to make things happen. We can turn this planet into a blindingly radiant beautiful jewel of our galaxy, and exquisite living library of billions

of live forms.


divine dna


Resurrecting the Divine Couple is the true purpose of Tantra, whether we talk about physical relationship or inner energetic balance . It is where oneness is found, it is where God (or whatever name you have for that awesome intelligence that’s behind all creation) resides. Seemingly small steps you take in your own transformation affect the whole in a big way! Take a leap and begin to live the real lover-beloved romance, discover how much beauty and magic it holds… 


summer lovers


Do you feel moved by the Story of The Divine Couple? Do you yearn to reclaim your true essence, to live as She, the embodiment of love, as He, the embodiment of light? Do you yearn to serve the Earth as an expression of the divine? Are you intriguedby the possibility your ecstatic, divinely juicy, dynamic relationship as a service to humanity? Do wish to live in love, beauty, harmony and a constant stream of new creative energy? To be thrilled to see god/dess in the eyes of your partner? To live an adventurouslife of ever new possibilities? spread love and joy and to inspire even just by your mere presence?


It does not matter whether you actually have a partner in present time. Your beloved is but a reflection of your inner beloved. 

The one, when awakened, will manifest in a form before you eyes when you are ready.  Yes, magic happens. And it's real.

It is my passion to guide you to embracing your beloved. The one within and without.


Live is special. Life is precious. Life is sacred.


And YOU are here to live it. 


Fully. In every moment.


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